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Parents' Corner



Thank you for trusting us with the tremendous responsibility of helping you raise your children in a community of faith. Our mission is to partner with parents and families to provide a solid foundation of faith that will help mold and guide children as they grow into loving, devoted followers of Christ.

Because we take the safety of our little learners seriously, all of our volunteers have been subjected to and have passed a comprehensive background check.

Our curriculum is always age appropriate and taught in a safe and supportive environment by a team of dedicated volunteers. We strive to make church a happy place where children are excited to be involved and to learn!




Rules for the Children

In order to create a supportive, peaceful learning environment, we have some basic rules and expectations for all children who participate in our ministries.

1. Follow directions given by the teachers and group leaders.

2. Respect one another and the church.

3. Participate appropriately


Disciplinary Consequences

Our goal is to guide children with gentle voices and hearts. We understand that it is not always easy for children to make appropriate decisions regarding behaviors and our discipline guidelines are meant to allow time and grace for corrections and redirection to a more positive experience.


1. A warning: A verbal warning about the inappropriate behavior and a redirection back towards appropriate behaviors and interactions.


2. Thinking Time (away from class)

     a. Pre-K/K: 2 minutes

     b. 1st - 2nd grade: 3 minutes

     c. 3rd - 5th grade: 5 minutes


3. Removal From Class/Parental Contact

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