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Travel Time

Even though summer doesn’t begin officially until the 21st of this month, we all know that once Memorial Day is in the rearview mirror, we’re into summertime. And summertime is travel time. The USA is a nation of travelers. Maybe it’s our frontier roots, or our usual sedentary lifestyles, or just a bit of wanderlust—but in the summer we want to go somewhere. And nowhere is that more evident than in Pontiac, which celebrates that iconic traveling road, Route 66.


We’ll see it in church, of course, wondering where our more intrepid travelers are NOW. We’ll see some holes in the sanctuary where the travelers usually park. Occasionally, we’ll be blessed by people from other places who have traveled to Pontiac (some, of course, along that famous road). We’ll go in search of new sights, adventures, and foods. Some of us will go to discover our roots. Some of us will discover new things about ourselves as we maneuver in unfamiliar places.


During the month of June, we’ll talk about traveling during worship: particularly, what we as Christians should “pack” for our journey of discipleship. There will be a few surprising things. On June 9th, we’ll rejoice as several of our young people begin their journeys of discipleship through the waters of baptism.


Wherever you go, this summer, remember to pack light—and happy traveling!

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