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Pastor's Paragraphs


 As is our tradition, we will receive the World Mission Offering in the month of October. In addition to this annual event, the Ruth Circle is holding a bake sale on October 14th to raise funds for various local and global mission opportunities.


While we are always involved in ministry both here and abroad, it is good to pause to consider the ways we serve the world. Some time ago, the ABC/USA changed the term “missionaries” (which can carry a paternalistic implication) to the term “global servants.” This is meant to emphasize that these folks go to serve alongside Christians in other countries who are already at work for the kingdom of Christ.


I hope you can find time to go to the International Ministries website to explore the wonderful ministries we help to fund throughout the world. We are involved in rescuing people from human trafficking, in developing agriculture, in hands-on work with refugees from war, in medical ministry in remote places, in work with victims of domestic abuse, in church planting, in education, and much more. And all of this is done while teaching and demonstrating the marvelous love of God in Christ Jesus. 


A map of the world showing the locations of our missions is on the bulletin board leading to the classrooms. I invite you to find someone on the list you’d like to pray for and maybe support regularly; and please consider a generous gift to the WMO on October 29th.

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