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Coming Into View

The dictionary defines the word advent as “a coming into place, view, or being; arrival.”  The word derives from the Latin, ad- (toward) and venire (to come). In Advent, God comes toward us.  God comes into view.


We know that God was active in the world before Jesus came, speaking to patriarchs, prophets, and kings. Scripture tells of the one God who loves all of creation, and who has been seeking to restore the broken bond between us from the very first time we flexed those rebellious free-will muscles.  This has always been God’s purpose.


But in Advent it comes into view.  In Advent God comes toward us.  In Advent, God comes near.  John says that Christ was with God at creation and has been by God’s side the whole time.  But now, John says, He has come to where we are, and we have seen Him.


In our hectic modern times, it becomes harder and harder to focus on any one thing through the myriad images that are presented to us every day.  But I believe that in this season, people are looking for God to “come into view.”  In this season, people are hungry to hear the message of hope in what seems like a hopeless world.  In this season, Christians and non-believers alike wrestle with ornery strands of stubborn little lights in order to welcome light into our dark world.


This impulse is the glimmer of a quest for God, the cold world’s feeble attempt to welcome warmth and light. Advent announces the One whom John called “the true Light that has come into the world.” May you know His light at this holy time

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