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Jr. High:

Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm


Sr. High:

Sundays @ 9:00 am

Come As You Are!


Everyone is Welcome!


Bring a Friend!

American Baptist Youth (ABY)

The Junior and Senior High School years are ones of transition, change, and challenges. ABY is here to help support you through those transitions as you strengthen your relationship with Jesus and grow deeper in your faith. If you aren't sure about your relationship with Jesus or if you haven't decided yet upon a path of faith, that's okay too! Joining the other students at ABY is a perfect way to begin your relationship with Jesus and to have a caring, nurturing support system as you begin your walk of faith.

Through our youth program, First Baptist Church is dedicated to providing meaningful Bible Study and lessons that are relevant to the difficulties and challenges faced by students in their everyday lives. This isn't about stuffy stories that feel disconnected from the reality of your lives but rather about nurturing a relationship with Jesus that will help you with the very real difficult moments you face as young adults.

And did we mention the fun and games? Because we've got those too! We recognize that students also need a chance to connect with one another and just unwind with a round at the ping pong table or a quick game of basketball or to just plop on a sofa to eat some ice cream and shake off the stress of everyday life.

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