Sunday School

Sunday School classes meet every Sunday following morning worship.
We have classes for all ages and stages of life!

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Sunday School for Kids!!
Getting to Know Our Teachers

1st and 2nd Grade Teacher: Juanita James (Pictured here with her grandsons Solomon and Roman)
Miss Juanita teaches our first and second grade Sunday School classes. Juanita has two children, Jardin and Jenna, and two grandchildren, Roman and Solomon. She also has three furbabies - a dog named Pepper and two cats, Africa and Sherbie.

Miss Juanita loves hearing the children in  her class talking and learning about God. She especially loves teaching them about the love of Jesus and telling them the story of the flood and the rainbow that God made as his promise to his people.

We warmly invite you to bring your children to our Sunday School classes - we have a classes for every age and grade, all taught by loving, faithful, and devoted teachers like Miss Juanita.