Sunday School

Sunday School classes meet every Sunday following morning worship.
We have classes for all ages and stages of life!

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Adult Sunday School Opportunities

Teacher: Virginia Asper
Kum Dubble Class

The Kum Dubble Class has a general class size of 14 to 20. While most of the class is over fifty years of age, the class is open to and welcomes adult participants of any age.

The class typically studies scripture as outlines in a study guide and spends much of the class time discussing specific scripture and Bible verses in order to gain a greater understanding and insight.

"We always have good discussions about the true meaning of  Scripture passages, guided by the use of several different translations of the Bible. We make use of various Bible ccommentaries, footnotes, etc. in addition to the lesson outline." - Virginia Asper, Kum Dubble Teacher

The class is always friendly and welcoming and there are always snacks, three kinds of coffee, and hot water for tea. Visitors and new members are warmly encouraged to join!

Teacher: Harlin Dean
The Be About Class

With an average class size of 11 and ages ranging from 30's to 80's, the Be About Class is a great place to get a variety of perspectives and experiences with any given topic of discussion.

Class has worked through several different studies of the Bible, as well as studies about how the teachings of Jesus translate into our every day lives. There is always something new and interesting to study and many of the studies in this class have been recommended by the students.

"Our Sunday School Class is small but powerful! We show love and respect for each person in the room. We pray for each other throughout the week and truly enjoy our time together. We would love to have you visit us and experience what we have to offer - including coffee and treats!" - Rhonda Hodges, member of The Be About Class

Teacher: Mary Frobish (pictured here with her husband Gordie Frobish)

Teacher: Barb Tholen
The Vineyard Class

The Vineyard Class is taught by the team of Mary Frobish and Barb Tholen. The average class size is 25 with a wide variety of people of all ages and stages of life. This is a group who enjoys each other and shares a great deal of lively conversation and laughter as they learn.

"If you want a group where you feel accepted, loved, and cared for, come join us." - Barb Tholen and Mary Frobish, Vineyard Class teachers
Teacher: Janet Wolfe (Pictured here with her husband Pastor Jim Wolfe)
The Lifebuilders Class